Choosing the best Airline

Whether it is a family holiday or a business trip, picking the best and the most reliable airline service is something that is imperative to every person. If you pick your airline based on price, safety, service and flexibility, then you will certainly enjoy the privileges of the most unswerving airlines without having to worry… Read More »

Staying Fit & Working Out – How Do Celebrities Do It?

Popular celebrity workouts are a one body part per day in a week, or maybe two. So, their workout routine is usually like this: – Monday chest and back.- Tuesday biceps and triceps.- Wednesday rest. – Thursday shoulders. – Friday abs – Saturday and Sunday they rest, with an additional cardio training, consisting of 30… Read More »

SunWest Industries Blog

Hello everyone! Just making a quick post to get this blog off of the ground. A quick and brief description of who we are is pretty much as follow! We are a group of people who primary live on the west coast of Canada/USA who love fitness, the outdoors, great food, and more than anything… Read More »